Desk : Puri RPF has done another remarkable work by rescuing another minor child. On 17.04.2021 at about-10.30 hrs, while Officer’s & Staff of Puri [SI Mohan & others] were engaged for checking of Station area for enforcement of Covid protocol & also to prevent Criminal activities against passengers, noticed one minor child aged about-13 Years was moving in Platform No. 3 & 4 in alone & confusing state. On seeing his activities politely asked about his identity, but he didn’t responded as he was initially looking in worried condition. After that RPF Staff brought him “Sishu & Child help desk” & provided snacks etc. Subsequently after councelling in friendly environment, the rescued minor child given his identity & it could be noticed that he is belong from Mahanadi Vihar, under Chaulia Ganj PS, Dist- Cuttack [Odisha]. Further he also informed that today morning he came at Puri.

Talking with media Anil Kumar Singh, IIC, RPF said that after preliminary enquiry matter transmitted to his parents through available resources. On getting information his parents informed that his child is missing from today morning around-04.30 am & they were searching him at various occasion in nearby locality & relatives. They further requested to keep him at RPF thana Puri till their reaching at Puri. As the rescued child was minor, so he produced before CWC [Child Welfare Committee] through Child line for further rehabilitation & hand over to his parents as per the procedure. RPF Puri continually working to reunite the separated children with full devotion to their families.

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