Astrologer Dr. Mrutyunjaya Dash Urges Chief Minister Mohan Majhi to Introduce Astrology and Vastu Courses in State Syllabus

Bhubaneswar: In a significant development today, renowned astrologer and vastu expert Dr. Mrutyunjaya Dash met with the newly appointed Chief Minister Mohan Majhi to advocate for the inclusion of astrology and vastu courses in the state’s educational syllabus.

During the meeting held at the Chief Minister’s office, Dr. Dash passionately argued that integrating astrology and vastu studies into the curriculum would enrich students’ understanding of traditional sciences and cultural heritage. He highlighted the practical benefits of these disciplines in promoting holistic well-being and fostering a deeper connection with ancient wisdom.

Chief Minister Majhi welcomed Dr. Dash’s proposal, acknowledging the growing interest in incorporating diverse subjects that resonate with the state’s cultural roots. He expressed his intention to explore the feasibility of introducing astrology and vastu courses, emphasizing the importance of providing students with a well-rounded education that blends traditional knowledge with modern learning.

Dr. Dash, known for his expertise and contributions to astrology and vastu shastra, emphasized the relevance of these disciplines in today’s context, citing their potential to contribute to personal development and societal harmony.

The discussion concluded with Chief Minister Majhi assuring Dr. Dash of further consultations and deliberations to evaluate the implementation of astrology and vastu courses within the educational framework. Stakeholders anticipate a structured approach to integrating these courses, ensuring they meet educational standards and complement existing subjects effectively.

This initiative marks a proactive step towards embracing indigenous knowledge systems within the state’s education system, potentially setting a precedent for similar initiatives across the country.

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