Marginalized Folk Theatre Festival 2024

Devaguru Laxmipuran By Guru Ananda Bag Captivates Audiences at Sachetan Hema Mandap

Bargarh:(Kranti Odisha)-The Marginalized Folk Theatre Festival 2024, organized by Sachetan Hema, has drawn significant attention with its four-day celebration of traditional folk performances at the Sachetan Hema Mandap in Dholbandh. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, the festival has showcased a variety of folk arts, highlighting their cultural significance and captivating audiences.
On the second day, the festival featured the enchanting Dalkhai dance by the Benudhar Group, followed by the performance of “Debaguru Laxmipuran” by SNA awardee Ananda Bag. This narrative, depicting the exile of Lord Jagannath and Laxmi, particularly resonated with female audience members, thanks to its presentation using the Brahmabina, a traditional and marginalized folk instrument.

The third evening brought the tribal theatre performance of “Karamasani” by the Thakur Sahu group and Maa Saptabhagini Karamsani Party. The rhythmic sounds of the Mandal and Jhumer beats invigorated the audience, adding to the festive atmosphere. Esteemed guests such as Mr. Basudeb Sahu, Teacher Dharmendra Sahu, Musician Lalsaheb Sahu, Actor Ghanashyam Sahu, and Dramatist Rajkumar Sahu graced the event. Rajkumar Sahu elaborated on the concept of LokaKala Diwas and urged the preservation of these folk traditions.
The festival’s successful execution was thanks to the efforts of Baishakhu Meher, Ghanashyam Sahu, Paltan Mahakur, Mahendra Sahu, Ghanashyam Bhoi, Rohit Sahu, Chita Sahu, Rabindra Sahu, Sanjib Sahu, Jyoti Sahu, Nandini Sahu, Chadini Sahu, Swapneswari Sahu, and others. Kulamani Pasayat announced that the final day would include a seminar and performances of Sanchar Art, Pala, and Sambalpuri dances, promising a fitting end to this celebration of marginalized folk theatre.

Report by journalist Niranjan Tripathy, western Bureau

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