Mr P K Dutta ,Environmentalist
Mr P K Dutta ,Environmentalist

It is heartening to know that number of nature lovers is growing in Dwarka who are assuming charge of their respective areas near their locations watering plants and their role is all the more laudable since they are encouraging the young generation also.

It is a fact that the water bottles they carry do not contain enough water yet sufficient water to sustain a tree if watered properly. Do not water the soil as the same will not go down to the roots and evaporate soon.
The best technique is to place your bottle a little above the soil and the tree and let the water be poured rotating the bottle around the trunk to ensure that the tree trunk absorbs all the water to the roots.
Remarkable efforts in this regard by Shradha Singh and her brother Shaurya Singh children of Shirshak Singh from Sanskriti Apartments studying in DPS Dwarka plant every year as many saplings as their age on their birthdays in Sector 19-B District Park which does not end here, rather takes a happier turn when they come to tend them with water bottles brought from home.

To encourage the children to continue their efforts an octogenarian popularly known as Babuji (Shri Tapeshwar Singh) an ever smiling and welcoming persona started bringing at least four numbers of bottles in his shoulder bag for watering the plants. Another person is Shri Raj Singh ji whose passion turns him into a protector of the fallen trees during the rains amongst a few others besides myself helping in coordinating with Horticulture Department and executing installation of a woodland park within the District Park by using the logs from fallen and termite ridden trees based on 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) concept which was under execution before lock-down.

Another notable contributor is Young B&G a group of individuals from neighbouring societies in Sector 19-B who would be celebrating their hat-trick in a row by planting 101 neem trees in the same park during this month.

The commitment of such devoted individuals is undoubtedly praiseworthy and may their community grow more stronger to add newer colours to their respective parks.


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