Cuttack : BNI Cuttack organised a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at Maheshwari Bhawan, Cuttack and 60 Units of Blood was collected.

“There is acute shortage of Blood in the Blood Banks, and it will rise steeply, once Vaccination for Age Group 18+ starts. Once vaccinated, a person cannot donate blood for atleast 3 months. So a lot of Thalassemia and Cancer patients, who need blood transfusion regularly will face huge problems. Therefore in a way the society in such a difficult situation, members of BNI Cuttack organised this Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” informed Kamal Rathi, the Vice President of BNI Achievers, Cuttack.

“A target of 60 Units was taken by the organisation, which was fulfilled and similar attempts will be made in the near future too to ease this situation. We are just trying to help our society” said Pradeep Agarwal, the Regional Director of BNI Cuttack.

Vinit Sethia, the Secretary of BNI Achievers informed that the donors were gifted 2 pcs of N95 Masks along with Appreciation Certificates to create awareness of Masking Up and fighting with the COVID19 Pandemic. BNI Members like Mukesh Agarwal, N Ayush Kulraj, Vikrant Goenka, Yogesh Patel, Vishal Agarwal, Vinay Dalmia had volunteered to counsel the donors and manage all the activities in the Camp to run it smoothly. The team from Red Cross Blood Bank, while presenting the certificate to BNI Cuttack said that these 60 units are worth 600 units in today’s times, such is the scarcity and appealed everyone to inspire more and more citizens to donate blood before taking their Vaccination.

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