Desk : Mr. Anil Parashar is well known personality. He reside presently in Dwarka, New Delhi. He is former Joint Registrar , National Human Rights Commission. He is known Human rights defenders and environmentalist.

Mr Anil Pararshar

Our correspondent talked with him regarding on going vaccination process.

He told us that

” There are several things of importance as of now. But the most important one seems to be to invite all our friends and relatives to get themselves vaccinated in view of the wave. My sincere appeal to everyone is to go to you nearest Government hospital and get yourself vaccinated. Avoid thinking that Government hospitals are unhygienic.

My wife and myself got vaccinated in the Dada Dev Hospital recently and we can collectively assure you that we had the best reception that one could get – even better than what private hospitals provide us ( because there we have to first pay and then stand in the Queue ) . We had waiting seats arranged for us so that we could even sit if we were women or senior citizens and very clear instructions were provided to us.

The politeness for a change came from all the workers who were there on duty and not only from doctors or nurses or para medical staff. Even the admin staff were extremely polite. It is time we acknowledge that our Government Hospitals are really fine and it is because of the quality and dedication of our medical and non-medical staff. Congrats to them.

I, therefore appeal to all citizens to go to the Government Hospitals and get yourself vaccinated immediately. Continue to follow precautions that have to be as responsible citizens. Stop when you see people without masks in public places and guide them politely and explain importance of masks in prevailing situation.

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