Memory with #BijuBabu – Abhishek Joshi

I remember one day during 90’s when I was studying in school and was going school on Rickshaw. While moving towards school I seen one big walking rally (Padayatra) coming from adjacent road. My Rickshaw was stopped due to traffic congestion. That Grand walking Rally was coming forward. From a distance I seen a Tall Man with some garlands on his neck surrounded by many people coming forward in that Rally.

File photo of Biju Patnaik
File photo of Biju Patnaik

When the Rally came closer I recognised the Tall man ‘he was Biju Patnaik’. I was bit naughty during childhood as maximum children’s be, I stand on that standing Rickshaw and smartly shouted loudly ‘Jeje (Grand Father) Namaskar’ without hesitation. All of sudden by hearing my voice while the Rally was closer to our Rickshaw Biju Babu came near my Rickshaw and pulled me on his arms and asked “What’s your name? I replied him school name ‘Abhishek’ and home name ‘Raja’, he then gave a loveable smile to me and asked do you eat Chocolates ? I promptly said ‘yes I do ‘, and asked him for one. He gave a love posture hug to me while holding on his arms and asked one of his close aide to bring one chocolate from a shop in front and gave me with a smile.

This was my 2-3 mins interaction with Tall Man ‘Biju Babu’ which will always be in my memory. I, today pay my heartfelt tribute to this Man on his 105th Birth Anniversary.

#Biju_Babu_Amar_Rahe. Jay Jagannath.