New Delhi : Members of Age Well Association Dwarka visited Stand N Stride Foundation, a Dwarka based NGO on Tuesday, 16th February, 2021 for distribution of Educational Kits to the children of its three schools. This dedicated NGO imparts education to underprivileged children at various locations of Dwarka in open parks.

This was Age Well Association’s 4th visit since launching of its drive to support children of schools run by NGOs in Dwarka. Following members participated:
1. Sh. I M Khanna
2. Sh. Surendra Pal Singh
3. Sh. K N Puri
4. Ms Romila Gandhi
5. Sh Yash Pal Sood
6. Sh. Chaman Lal Chopra
7. Sh. R K Mahajan
8. Ms Promila Malik
9. Sh. A K Parashar
10. Dr S N Singh
11. Ms. Asha Varshney
12. Sh. Kamal Kishore
13. Ms Meera
14. Sh. Ravi Jaitley
15. Sh. S M Talwar
16. Sh. K N Singh
17. Ms Chitra Jain
18. Col. A K Suri
19. Ms. Nivedita Puri
20. Ms. Usha Zalpuri
21. Sh. K K Nangia
22. Ms. Usha Nangia
23. Ms Kusum Mahajan
24. Sh. V Selvarajan
25. Ms Neena Dhawan

Team, Age Well Association comprising of 25 members took part in hawan and Saraswati Puja organised by Stand N Stride on Basant Panchmi day. 45 Educational Kits were distributed to children studying at Sector 6 Park, Ambrahi Gaon and Sector 2 Park.

Ms Usha Zalpuri, General Secretary of Stand N Stride Foundation welcomed  members and expressed her gratitude for the support extended. Prasad was distributed to all the members.

I M Khanna, President of the Association blessed the children present and wished them a bright future.


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