Desk : On 14.06.2021 at about-07.58 hrs, while on duty RPF Staff A.P.Mishra was engaged for his duty at Malatipatta Pur Railway Station, noticed one male person jumped from Coach No.S-7 [Sleeper] of train No.02844 [Ahmedabad-Puri] Express, which was passing from route No.03 of Malatipatta Pur Railway Station as resulted the above male passenger got injuries. On seeing this the on duty RPF Staff removed him from the Railway track and provided first aid to save his life as blood was coming out from his head and other parts of the body.

After that the RPF Staff shifted to injured person to Dist. Hospitality Puri for further treatment without wasting time. After initial enquiry matter informed to his family’s members and they reached at the Hospital around-11.00 am. Now the health condition of the injured person is stabled & under watch. His family members given his identity as Santosh Ku Jena, aged about-35 Years, At-Parajapada, under Sakhigopal area, Dist-Puri [Odisha]. It is also learnt that, he was working in Surat and to celebrate festival he was coming from Surat to Puri, vide PNR No.8138125549, Coach No.S-7, Seat No.44. While the train was passing from Malatipatta Pur Railway Station, he make plan to get down from the running train to reach his home at an early, but as the train was is speed so he fallen down on the railway track and got major injuries. But at that time there was RPF Staff A.P.Mishra was performing duty and due to his quick action life of the injured passengers can be save. The act of RPF Staff was by the family members and relatives of the injured person.

IIC, RPF, Anil Kumar Singh appealed to people/passengers for not to get down from the running trains as life is so precious and some one waiting.