Dwarkites observed Savitri and Vat (Bargad) tree Pooja

New Delhi : Today Savitri and the Vat (Bargad) tree pooja day was observed by Dwarkites in a big way by visiting and tieing sacred thread to a fallen and reerected Bargad tree in Dwarka by Mr Madhukar Varshney and Munish Kundra, Rise Foundation and Mr AK Parashar, Mission Clean and Green Dwarka and took a pledge to save trees.They also discussed arrangements for watering of this tree for some time or till monsoon comes in Delhi.

Anil Kumar Parashar and Munish Kundra
Performance of Vat Pooja near the sector 6 Market,Dwarka

10 Bargad tree, Neem and Peepal were planted and Pooja performed in a greenbelt between Plot no 30 and 31, sector 6 Bhawalpur society Dwarka by Shri Narinder Kumar, his wife Soni Kumari and Priyanka Singh (all residents of Bhwalpur society) ardent tree lovers.

Mr Narinder Kumar,his wife Soni Kumari and Priyanka Singh

Pooja and Plantation took place in the Presence of Mr Anil Kumar Parashar Retired Joint Registrar NHRC, Head Mission Clean and Green Dwarka, Founder Member Agewell Association, Joint Secretary Dwarka Forum, Joint Secretary Agrasen Society, Chairman Green Circle and Patron ADHR.

It should be noted that Vat Savitri Puja is observed by the married women, who worship Savitri and the Vat (Bargad)tree. This festival is celebrated in the Jyeshtha month (May-June) on the Amavasa (No moon day) or Purnima (Full moon day). Today being Amavasa (No moon day) it is being celebrated all over India.

To commemorate this day women fast the entire day and tie a cotton thread yellow and red around the trunk of Bargad tree 108 times and pray for long healthy life for their husbands by sitting below the tree.

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